10 Songs That Inspired My Dystopian Novel (9)


Upon coming up with an idea of a woman marrying someone to gain social standing, I wrote three chapters. While writing the fourth chapter, I ran out of ideas. I had no idea how I wanted the story to work. So the blog and that draft of my story was quickly forgotten about. Yesterday, I tried to track down the blog, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Needless to say, nothing more came of the project aside for those dreaded three chapters. Eventually, I moved onto another book, and didn’t think about Enly again until I watched the Grammys.


Enly Saint Claire is fortunate. She attends an elite academy, is the heir to a billion-dollar fortune, and is betrothed to the future Lord Regent of the Great Plains. But what she desires most is her half-brother Jonah’s freedom. Jonah has been enslaved because of his mother’s mistakes. Enly plans to free Jonah when she becomes a lady regent. That plan backfires when her betrothed decides to marry someone else. Now Enly will do anything to free her half-brother, even if it means rejecting the love of her life.

“Girl On Fire” By Alecia Keys

     It’s funny how music works.  You can hear a song on the radio, while shopping at the mall, or in commercials, and it doesn’t inspire a thing.  But then, the artist performs the song live, and it makes you truly feel the song.  I find that those moments are special.

My best friend, my older sister and I live for watching musical award shows. Sometimes we’ll rope in our parents and other siblings, and use the programs as reasons to have potlucks. The Grammys of 2013, was one such night. My sisters and I sat on the couch munching on SMARTFOOD, cookies and candy. We placed bets on who would win each category. In between one of the categories was a performance by Alicia Keys. She belted out her song, “Girl On Fire.” The minute she sang, a light bulb went off. By then, I had abandoned my project, not knowing what it’s direction should really be. But when she sang her opening notes, ideas began pouring in my head. In my first attempt at writing Enly, she was a sniffling woman that didn’t have much to her. But when I heard the power in Alicia KEYS’ voice, I thought, what if Enly was a strong character? What if she fought for something? Then, I asked myself, what would she fight for? Then, it all became clear. ENLY was going to fight for her brother. How? Another song answered that question. The answer will be in my next post.

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