10 Songs That Inspired My Dystopian Novel (5)


I’m not sure when I first encountered this notion. But I was reading an Author’s blog. She expressed that the characters often decided their journey. I learned that lesson the hard way when writing my dystopian novel. Since the cast system idea had been thrown out, I had renamed it “The Glorious Installment.” Until this day, I can’t tell anyone why. The name just came to me. Although the novel was renamed, I ran into the same problem. How in the hell was I going to get Enly not to marry Brandon? A song will give me a different prospective.


Enly Saint Claire is fortunate. She attends an elite academy, is the heir to a billion-dollar fortune, and is betrothed to the future Lord Regent of the Great Plains. But what she desires most is her half-brother Jonah’s freedom. Jonah has been enslaved because of his mother’s mistakes. Enly plans to free Jonah when she becomes a lady regent. That plan backfires when her betrothed decides to marry someone else. Now Enly will do anything to free her half-brother, even if it means rejecting the love of her life.

“What’s A Man to Do”

In my third draft, I had decided to have Brandon Wilks step aside, so that Enly could be happy. Aside from the fact that this plot point was anticlimactic. Enly, would never chose her willingly give up a powerful position. It was while I was listening to “What’s a Man To Do” by Usher, that the idea hit me. Brandon would be conflicted about his betrothal. I put the song on repeat and allowed my imagination to run wild. I saw Brandon falling in love with an exciting woman that Enly perceives as a mean girl. I pictured Brandon petitioning the king to marry his love, and the king rejecting his request. Then, since Brandon marries his lover, which erases a path that Enly was counting on to save her brother. I don’t want to give too much away. So I won’t tell you how the king reacts to Brandon’s defiance. But my next post will focus on Matthew and Enly’s romance.

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