10 Songs That Inspired My Dystopian Novel (4)


When writing, sometimes it’s difficult to relate to my characters.I know, that is sort of weird to say. But in this case, it was most certainly true. I am a hopeless romantic that would jump at any chance to be with my soulmate. Enly is rational and not easily distracted from her goals. It would take the discovery of a song for me to realize that maybe my character shouldn’t be given a choice. Her heart has to react before she can logic her way out of the situation.


Enly Saint Claire is fortunate. She attends an elite academy, is the heir to a billion-dollar fortune, and is betrothed to the future Lord Regent of the Great Plains. But what she desires most is her half-brother Jonah’s freedom. Jonah has been enslaved because of his mother’s mistakes. Enly plans to free Jonah when she becomes a lady regent. That plan backfires when her betrothed decides to marry someone else. Now Enly will do anything to free her half-brother, even if it means rejecting the love of her life.

“Stuttering” by Jazmine Sullivan

Let me start out by saying that Jazmine Sullivan is amazing! It wasn’t simply the subject matter of this song, but the way that she sang the song that gave me the inspiration.One day, I decided to put my music library on shuffle. The goal was to do a simple writing exercise. I wasn’t even planning to work on my dystopian novel. As soon as “Stuttering” blasted through my headphones, a scene began to form. Enly is dressed in a sophisticated outfit. She waits in line in order to meet with Prince Matthew. The minute she makes eye contact with him, her heart skips a beat. She only becomes more flustered when it’s her turn to curtsy to the prince. She fumbles the curtsy and forgets her name. His charismatic personality is overwhelming to her. Then, I pictured Matthew, a prince that is charming and doesn’t take no for an answer. I won’t give away the details of my final manuscript. But this song helped me understand what their courtship would be like. Now that I had an understanding of what and Leigh and Matthew would be like, I needed to figure out how someone like Enly would view friendship.

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