10 Songs That Inspired My Dystopian Novel (2)


When I discover a new musical artist, I usually add their album to my music library. Often times, I will find that another one of their songs inspires me to create a different series. But sometimes, I get extremely lucky! Let me tell you, this is actually pretty rare. My luck sucks, but I will probably get into that in another post. Anyways, sometimes a singer’s entire album is added to a playlist for a book Series. The more songs that are added, The more likely it will be for me to finish a book.


Enly Saint Claire is fortunate. She attends an elite academy, is the heir to a billion-dollar fortune, and is betrothed to the future Lord Regent of the Great Plains. But what she desires most is her half-brother Jonah’s freedom. Jonah has been enslaved because of his mother’s mistakes. Enly plans to free Jonah when she becomes a lady regent. That plan backfires when her betrothed decides to marry someone else. Now Enly will do anything to free her half-brother, even if it means rejecting the love of her life.

“City Dove” by Tori Kelly

First of all, let me take the time out to thank everyone that ever wrote a song. I obviously have never heard all of the music in the world. But I do believe that people are inspired and moved by the art of song. I was moved when I first heard “City Dove.” I had a difficult time relating to Enly. I kept on asking myself questions. Why does Enly only care about reversing her brothers illegitimacy? Why didn’t she start an uprising? Why did she hold everybody at arms length? As soon as I heard this song, it answered all of these questions for me. You see, my main character isn’t somebody that’s going to inspire armies to turn against the king. She is the character that needs to be moved to champion a cause. In this novel, she is simply holding on, trying to survive in a world that her ancestors created. That doesn’t make her a bad person. She does love her friends, the prince, and her brother. It just took me three drafts to realize that Enly is going to have the strength to fight after she goes through several life changing events.

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