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     First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has downloaded, reviewed, or shared “Esperanza.” You’re support has meant a lot, and I will forever be grateful for it. Today, the book “Theresa” is now available wherever books are sold. The description  and links can be found below.  It’s a nice treat for anyone that loves a feel-good romance with a bit of drama. Both “Esperanza” and “Theresa” are also available on audible. For those of you that haven’t read either novel, “Esperanza” is available for free. I hope that you’ll give it a try!


When you’re evicted by two lovers, why not move to a mysterious island to become a mail order bride?

Esperanza DeLuca is in a jam. Nancy, Esperanza’s roommate, decided to move in her husband. The problem is that Nancy would rather be a newlywed without a third wheel hanging around. She gives Esperanza two weeks to move out and she’s even nice enough to pack her bags for her. Esperanza signs up for a dating site and is offered a home off the coast of Florida. The only catch, she has to marry her match right away. Will she find happiness in her abode? Or will new challenges send her packing … again?




     When you’re disowned by your father, why not move to a mysterious island to become a mail order bride?

     Tessa McDonald’s father is rich, gullible, and has a pension for dating women half his age. That’s why she has spent her life protecting him from the gold diggers. Eventually, Tessa fails and her father proposes to Gail. After the couple kicks her out of the house, Tessa decides to become a mail order bride. She’s immediately drawn to her groom, Thomas Daily, a complicated man with a big heart. Unfortunately, his brother Trip is willing to do anything to ensure that Thomas’ marriage isn’t long lasting. Will Tessa be able to uncover the plot before it’s too late?



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