The bond of two best friends will be tested in this fast-paced science fiction romance.

When Jade Bane is given a family history DNA kit, she reluctantly submits her DNA sample for analysis. As a result, she’s captured and brought into space, where she receives the shock of her life. Her birth father is an alien and his race is nearing extinction. So naturally, he takes advantage of the crisis by procreating with earthlings. Then,, he sells his offspring to the rich and desperate.

Unbeknownst to Jade, her best friend Sheena Smith is a castor, a race of humans that are gifted with abilities to protect earth from harm. Upon receiving a vision of Jade’s fate, Sheena joins forces with her soulmate and his ex-wife to save her friend.

Will Jade be able to convince her father not to sell her to a harem? Will Sheena be able to rescue Jade before she kills her soulmate’s ex-wife? Scroll up and download to find out.


The price of this book will increase to $3.99 after its publication date.

Published by Debbie Civil

I am an author that enjoys writing novels with action, adventure, magic, and romance.

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