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When you’re evicted by two lovers, why not move to a mysterious island to become a mail order bride?


     When you’re disowned by your father, why not move to a mysterious island to become a mail order bride?


     When you’re trying to escape a controlling aunt, why not move to a mysterious island to become a mail order bride?


When you’re nearly killed by a hitman, why not move to a mysterious island to become a mail order bride?



Who knew a history debate could get someone canned?, Liz Sanders thought as she stormed out of the diner. It had only been less than two weeks, and she was unemployed. This wasn’t good news, since she was the only breadwinner. Her sister Nancy had gotten divorced, and spent most of her days on her laptop. She claimed that she was doing research on some ways to earn cash. Liz couldn’t help but think that getting a job would have been a better use of her sister’s time. But Nancy had broken into hysterics the last time Liz tried voicing her opinion.   It looks like I’ll need to fire up that old laptop, Liz thought, before brushing sweat from her forehead. It was freakin’ hot outside.

Liz approached her apartment building, wishing that Essie were still around. The woman was much better at dealing with Nancy’s antics. Liz would have gone back to North Dakota, but her mother had wanted her to leave so that she could spend time with her new husband. Running to her dead-beat father wasn’t an option either. She lost touch with him five years ago,  so didn’t have contact information for him. Dammit, if only she hadn’t corrected someone on the date of the signing of the Magna Carta she would still be a waitress. Who knew that the pompous jerk would have found offense?

Liz used her key to enter the building, and walked to one of the first-floor units. She frowned when she twisted the knob, surprised that the door was unlocked.  It was broad daylight so Liz supposed that it wasn’t that big of a deal.   She entered, and frowned at what she saw. A tall man with glasses stood in her living room,  with the couch behind his legs. It was as if he had just gotten onto his feet. He pulled a gun that was obscured by a couch cushion, and pointed the weapon  at her. Fear drove Liz’ instincts.  She quickly dove to the floor, as the first shot went off.  The bullet slammed into the section of wall   that was a foot from where she had been standing. The trajectory of the bullet made the frightened woman draw one conclusion, the guy was a bad shot.


Follow the story  of four women who get more than what they bargain for when they become mail order brides.



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