Teaser Tuesday: Wolfin Falls


“Maybe it’s money-grubbing Larry with a few buddies to intimidate my father,” I guessed before hopping out of the truck. I had to start dinner and finish a couple of essays.

Camille grabbed my arm as soon as I was about to step onto the porch. Damn, she moved fast. “Summer, wait,” she hissed. “Let me go in first. Get back inside the car.”

“No way. Money-grubbing Larry isn’t going to scare me out of my own house,” I declared. I stormed past Camille and unlocked my front door. Funny. Why go through the trouble of breaking into a house and locking the door? I strolled in, the house stinking of beer and cigarette smoke. So was dad here as well? I had no clue.

I rushed into the living room and spotted something I hadn’t expected…


Published by Debbie Civil

I am an author that enjoys writing novels with action, adventure, magic, and romance.

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