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     I find in my publishing journey that I learn something new every day. On Monday I sat down and created a list of books I wished to release in 2023. I’m not gonna lie, I have the word (Maybe) written next to books like “unexpected Redemption.” The Unexpected Love series has been challenging to write.  Some books like “Captive Crown” book five of my Age Of chaos series are a no brainer, since my editor just returned the manuscript. “Presley” which is book six of my Brides Dock On Portum Island series is mostly done. I chose the release date of April 16. Since the preorder for “Captive Crown” is already up, I figured I should create a preorder for “Presley.” Imagine my surprise when I wasn’t able to do so due to “past preorder performance.” When I saw that message I was confused. I have uploaded my manuscript on time, so what could it be? I clicked on the more info link and discovered that I went against the guidelines in Germany. You see, I originally priced “Captive Crown” for $0.99. Since no one had downloaded the preorder, I thought it would be okay to change the price to $2.99. Nope! I got a message stating that I broke the rules, and all the customers that preordered my book would be informed of the new price. But there were no customers. Ugh. I don’t know if my preorder privileges have been  revoked forever. I have to email KDP to find out. But I should have done better. This is so my fault. But I’ll take this as a lesson learned. I should have read all the guidelines closely.

     In other news, my book “Esperanza” which is book one in the Brides Dock On Portum Island series, is free until December 29. So feel free to download a copy. Hopefully you enjoy the read and are willing to leave a rating or review. It would be much appreciated. If eBooks aren’t really your thing, you could listen to “Esperanza” on YouTube. On my channel you can find full length Audio books for free.

Speaking of my channel, I’m grateful to everyone who has viewed one of my videos. I just reached the milestone of having 200,000 views. Thank you, for your support. It means a lot to me. I’m still learning and am happy to share my mistakes and successes, in hopes that someone learns from them.


When you’re evicted by two lovers, why not move to a mysterious island to become a mail order bride?

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