First Generation Universe

Season 1 Age Of Chaos

Captive Treasure

     The bond of two best friends will be tested in this fast-paced science-fiction romance.

     When      Jade Bane is given a family history DNA kit, she reluctantly submits her DNA sample for analysis. As a result, she’s captured and brought into space, where she receives the shock of her life. Her birth father is an alien and his race is nearing extinction. So naturally, he takes advantage of the crisis by procreating with earthlings. Then, he sells his offspring to the rich and desperate.

      Unbeknownst to Jade, her best friend Sheena Smith is a castor, a race of humans that are gifted with abilities to protect earth from harm. Upon receiving a vision of Jade’s fate, Sheena joins forces with her soulmate and his ex-wife to save her friend.

     Will Jade be able to convince her father not to sell her to a harem? Will Sheena be able to rescue Jade before she kills her soulmate’s ex-wife? Download on Kindle Unlimited  to find out!

Captive Prince

     Enemies rise and fates change in the second installment of the
Age of Chaos Series.

     What’s the price to pay for accidentally falling for a prince? Jade finds out when she, along with Zamire, are captured and dumped on an ice planet. Her new captor has two goals: claim Prince Zamire and punish Jade for daring to touch what’s hers. Meanwhile, Sheena discovers that King Rayon is going to pacify Emperor Tulda by handing Angelo and Winston over to him. She won’t allow her friends to be tortured for a crime they didn’t commit.

Will Jade be able to rescue the prince and escape the danger that’s coming? Will Sheena be able to work with her soulmate to rescue
her friends? Download on Kindle Unlimited to find out!

Captive Magic

     Traitors strike and governments topple in the third installment of the Age of Chaos Series.

     Jade, Sheena, and their friends have three goals: warn King Relex about the clones, rescue Nina and Karen from the Rema Estate, and return to Earth in one piece. When Lord Peirc captures Jade and Prince Zamire, they discover that his greed led him to commit treason. Meanwhile, Sheena and Deric stumble upon a devastating truth of their own. The Hyndroyl crystals are being charged with magic stolen from Najorian captives.

     Can Jade and her allies work together to foil Lord Peirc’s plans? Will Deric and Sheena be able to free the prisoners before the clones acquire them? Will Jade learn the consequences of reuniting with her twin sister? Download on Kindle Unlimited  to find out!

Captive Fate

     Loyalty is tested and corruption is exposed in the next installment of the Age of Chaos Series.

     Jade and her siblings are invited to a dangerous family reunion. If they don’t attend, people will be executed at random. Meanwhile, Sheena is trapped in one of the mental clones’ labs with members of the Caster race for company. Will Jade’s allies be able to rescue Sheena? Will Prince Eleron succeed in becoming king of Neretha? Download on Kindle Unlimited  to find out!

Captive Crown

A knight betrays the court and a war is waged in the final installment of the Age Of Chaos Series.

     Jade, Sheena, and their friends have one objective: to prevent Sheena’s vision from coming true. The LA and New York Covens are so desperate to keep Jade from being crowned queen of the casters that they sell caster secrets to the enemy. Prince Eleron and his mental clones will stop at nothing to put Prince Dayon on the Najorian throne. Meanwhile, a knight’s desperate actions instigate a bloody battle. Will the Champion Court reign? Will Prince Dayon be crowned king? Scroll up and download to find out.

Season 2: Age Of Dwellers

Damaged Warrior

A warrior’s journey begins in the first installment of the Age Of Dwellers series. The release date for this book will be moved up once the book is ready.

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