Love War Series


The Aros has a debt to pay, and the cost is eternity.

May Wilson should have found it suspicious when she was offered a full scholarship to Goodwell College. After all, she barely passed high school. But what shocked her more was that her best friend Abby turned down an ivy league to attend Goodwell College. During Orientation weekend, May and Abby discover that others like themselves have been drawn to this small Christian college. When they figure out why, a war begins.


A bad decision will divide the Aros.

Chris Bird is resentful of the punishment that was forced upon him and his friends. So, he will do anything to fight destiny. His soulmate Abby is hurt by his rejection. But he can’t give into his feelings for her. The bond they share is unnatural and no one will tell him who to love. Everything changes when May is severely injured. Abby and Chris have to solve another quest so that their friend can recover. Chris is determined to ignore his feelings for Abby. Abby is determined to win his heart. Their enemies will do anything to destroy them. Will true love prevail?

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