The Holder Series

Wolfin Falls

Bonds form and enemies are made in this fast-paced shifter romance.

Kaden Drake is the alpha of the pack that lives in Wolfin Falls, New Hampshire. He should be proud of that. Right? Nope. Being the alpha is supposed to mean being the boss. But in his case, it means that he’s protecting land that belongs to the Wolfin Empire. As long as the empress stays out of his way, Kaden is content to be a subject. When his mother is attacked by rogue wolves, Kaden discovers that the Wolfin Empire is in danger of collapsing. But an impending war is the least of his concerns. He finally found his holder, the one person that was made for him. If he isn’t careful, she may be taken from him by the very enemy that she moved to Wolfin Falls to escape.

The Shifter Conqueror

     Bonds Strengthen and deadly enemies strike in this fast-paced shifter romance.

Kaden and Summer are determined to stay out of the war between the empress and the alpha trying to usurp her. However, the empress will use whatever means possible to secure her victory. Unfortunately for the alpha pair, the empress believes that they are the key to defeating the shifter conqueror. Meanwhile, Summer will stop at nothing to rescue her mother, who has been kidnapped by ?the alpha pair be able to keep everyone they love safe without being dragged into a shifter war

The Alpha Assassin

An alpha falls in the next book in the Holder Series. The release date will be moved up when the book is ready.

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