The Philips Family Saga


A summer romance and a family Member’s dark secret will change Chelsea’s life forever.

Sixteen year old Chelsea Philips wants to get over her ex-boyfriend Adam smith. She thinks this task is hopeless until she meets Peter Jacobs, the resident

good boy. Even so, her heart is being tugged into two different directions. When she is forced to spend the summer with her grouchy grandmother, Chelsea begins to unravel. Over the course of her stay she confronts past demons and is forced to choose between her obsession and her needs. When you are consumed by your past, you don’t see the danger that lies in the future. Will Chelsea survive?


Eighteen year old Chelsea Philips is forced to face the consequences of her choices.

Chelsea never meant to hurt anyone. When she jumped out of a moving limo, all she wanted to do was escape. Two years later, she has to go back to Gately and reconcile with the very people that she nearly left behind. Not everyone is willing, and her parents insist on keeping her and her boyfriend Peter Jacobs apart. Chelsea isn’t out of the woods just yet. Someone is lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to take her away from everything she has ever known.


Nothing ruins a romance like a political campaign, a pending trial, and a dangerous family secret. After the failure of his last relationship, Jake prefers solitude. Carmen is content with longing for the one that got away. Sparks fly when the pair is coerced into going on a date. But a reckless decision forces Jake to abandon Carmen for the sake of his Uncle’s political campaign. After being rejected, Carmen vows that she and Jake will be nothing more than friends. When you’ve been hurt too many times, it’s difficult to trust. Can Jake and Carmen work past their issues and live happily ever after?

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